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              Internet of Things (IoT) Business
              The Group has established strategic partnership with main Internet of Things (IoT) R&D unit at home-Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences through the mode of "cooperation between the institute and the enterprise, education combined with production and research" for the creation of "Intelligent Control Internet of Things (IoT) Research Center" and formation of talents & intellectual resources sharing mechanism. Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences undertakes core technology R & D to coincide with national strategic objective and it is a Central Government Institution that centers on applied research and personnel training in hi-tech field through interdisciplinary efforts.

              The Group has exploited its own advantages of scale capital operation to the full and joined together with strong technical strength of Chinese Academy of Sciences to focus on promoting technical development and application business of Internet of Things (IoT) industry in the field of engineering machinery, pipeline storage & transportation and intelligent device, it has became the pioneer of Internet of Things (IoT) system and service industrialization in this field.

              Looking ahead, the planning business of Techsheen Group’s Internet of Things (IoT) cause centers on product research & development of Internet of Things (IoT) intelligent system, planning, design and application of industry application solutions, the Group’s main business covers such areas like equipment manufacturing, public service, intelligent monitoring of financial lease and data service and it commits itself to the promotion of win-win development of Internet of Things (IoT) industry in related fields.
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