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              Energy Chemical Industry
              The Group’s energy chemical business area is led by its affiliate Chemact Liaoning Petrochemical Co., Ltd, it is in the main business of deep processing of paraffin wax products, including paraffin wax materials, modulated wax, candles and other related waxworks, which are supplied mainly to international, domestic paraffin wax market and applied widely in multiple fields of food, medicine, cosmetics, packaging, leather, ceramics, electronic components, adhesive sealing and wood processing with the product quality and service reaching advanced level at home. It is recognized in the industry as a high-quality producer.

              At present, the Group is equipped with wax modulation and production capacity 100 thousand tons per year and forming packaging capacity 80 thousand tons per year, ranking among the forefront in the same industry at home. Raw materials suppliers include large state-owned chemical enterprises like PetroChina and Sinopec.

              One of the Group’s affiliate- Guyang Techsheen Mining Co., Ltd under Baotou Huiquan Rare Earth Industry Group, is a mining enterprise that integrates mining and selection, it reserves 80 million tons of iron ore resources in Baotou City and produces annually 450 thousand tons of fine iron powder, the output value is RMB400 million; it reserves 320 million tons of crushed stone mineral resources in Hohhot City and the annual production capacity for construction aggregate reaches 10 million tons, the output value is RMB500 million. Relying on the advantage of low production cost and good product quality, this company has become one of major suppliers to large domestic enterprises like Baogang Group.

              Major partner
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