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              CGE jaw crusher


              CGE jaw crusher is a kind of large compound pendulum jaw crushers, which we introduce advanced foreign technology to manufacture. It is one of the most commonly used crushers in industrial and mining production and is widely used in primary and secondary crushing for various kinds of stones and rocks with compressive strength less than 350MPa. With design of new structure, new technology and optimized structure parameter, CGE series jaw crusher performs so well that can reach world-leading?level. Featured with compact and sturdy rack construction, it adopts hardened and tempered forgings for main shaft and integrally annealed body weldment. Specially processed fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate have a much longer service life than traditional Manganese plates by using superior wear-resistant materials. CGE series jaw crusher is characterized by high reduction ratio, uniform product size, long service life, compact structure, reliable performance, easy maintenance and low power consumption, etc. It is the first choice for primary crushing equipment.
              Product features:
              1. Unique deep cavity design with bigger capacity
              2. Hydraulic adjust discharge opening size is more convenient and flexible.
              3. Hydraulic cylinders for maintenance can reduce the labor intensity of toggle plate replacement.
              4. Tenon type welding frame makes the crusher stronger.
              5 . A variety of replaceable jaw plates is available.
              6. Use high quality and durable bearing.
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