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              CGF impact crusher


              CGF impact crusher is designed and manufactured by introducing advanced technology from European country. It is featured by non-key joint and bigger lock torque between blow bar and rotor. Besides, front and rear rack can be opened by hydraulic adjusting device, which simplified the operation of blow bar changing and discharge size adjustment. Big crushing chamber and feed opening, as well as increased rotational inertia of rotor contribute to bigger reduction ratio and capacity. Widely applied in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industries, CGF impact crusher is suitable for primary, secondary and tertiary crushing of brittle materials with medium hardness, such as, limestone, dolomite, sandstone, graphite, halite, granite, and basalt etc. It is an ideal crushing equipment to get perfect product size in cubic shape.

              Product features:
              1.Advanced design and technology in the world.
              2.Automatically open front and rear racks by hydraulic adjusting device.
              3.Hydraulically adjust discharge dimensions.
              4.Most of liners with same specifications can be exchanged with each other.
              5.Liner is fastened by wedge plate which is easy for installation and replacement.
              6.The third cavity adopts concept of "stone strikes stone".
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