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              Vibrating feeder


              Vibrating feeder is the latest short linear type feeder that we design for feeding big raw materials evenly and gradually before primary coarse crusher in crushing and screening plant. It has features of simple structure, even feeding, good continuity, and adjustable excitation force. It can be easily operated by changing and controlling feed amount at any time. With eccentric shaft and vibrating motor as its vibration source, it has advantages of low noise, low power consumption, good adjusting performance, and non-existence of sudden material rush. Vibrating feeder is an indispensable equipment in crushing and screening plant that can feed materials evenly and continuously into crusher, and also it has a function of pre-screening.
              Product features:
              1.Small size, light weight, simple and compact structure.
              2.Easy installation and maintenance, low operation cost.
              3.High efficiency and large feeding capacity.
              4.Low noise is good for improving working environment.
              5.Saving energy and high power factor.
              6.Stable amplitude and reliable operation. It is suitable for various materials.
              7.Convenient stepless regulation of feeding capacity--- Simple structure, uniform feeding, continuous performance and adjustable exciting force.
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