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              Vertical shaft impact crusher(sand making machine)


              Vertical shaft impact crusher also called sand making machine, is the type of fine crusher that is designed by the principle of impact, grinding and cutting. It adopts the most advanced technology design to achieve high level. It is appropriate for various industrial and mining conditions (normally excluding materials with high moisture and stickness), and is especially suitable for hard and brittle materials, as well as materials with high harness and high abrasiveness. The final product size comes out to be uniform, in solid cubic shape and with even size fraction. It particularly meets the demand of artificial sand, concrete, beneficiation crushing in industries of modern construction, water conservancy, and mining, etc. Vertical shaft impact crusher is characterized by simple structure, stable running, high capacity, high sand ratio, good shape product size, and is optional to different cavities like "stone strikes stone", "stone strikes iron" to meet different industrial and mining requirements.
              We supply two different kinds of Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers, one is CSCB series, which adopts thin oil lubrication system and is designed with foreign technology, the other is CPL series, which adopts grease lubrication system.

              Product features:
              1.Dual-motor drive has stronger power and higher capacity.
              2.The two types of cavities —"stone strikes stone", "stone strikes iron"— can be exchanged easily. Sand making and material reshaping only need to change feeder hopper and pulley of crusher.
              3.The separated hydraulic hoist device simplifies the replacement of impact plate and inside/outside rotor blades, and decreases downtime.
              4.Rotors with different quantity of hammerheads could meet different process requirements.
              5.Thin oil lubrication system guarantees a good bearing cooling and a long service life.
              6.The equipped vibrating sensor can detect the crusher inner vibration, making it easy for users to judge crusher normal working condition.

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