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              Reversible no-grate hammer crusher


              Reversible no-grate hammer crusher is a new-type hammer crusher. It is named by its two most outstanding features of no-grate at discharge opening and reversible rotation of rotor. It has advantages of no-grate, high crushing ratio, high capacity, low over-crushing ratio, reversible rotor, longer service life of hammerheads, and low running cost, etc. It solves the problem of wet materials block, enhances the utilization rate of hammerheads, reduces the frequency of changing hammerheads, and ensures even granularity of final product. Reversible no-grate hammer crusher is a main equipment used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical and hydropower industries for fine crushing of brittle materials with medium and low hardness, such as, coke, small-size limestone, gypsum, alums, brick, tile, etc. The materials to be crushed by reversible no-grate hammer crusher should have a compressive strength of not more than 150Mpa, and apparent moisture not more than 15%.

              Product features:
              1.Quantities of Hammers can crush materials completely.
              2.A large quantity of impact plates has high impact force and crushing frequency.
              3.Reversible rotors can change the crushing direction to extend the service life of hammers and impact plates.
              4.High rotation speed and capacity bring effective fine crushing, and high qualified rate.
              5.For features of no-grate, no-grinding and low over-crushing ratio, the crusher has high qualified final products. No-block makes it suitable for wet materials and middle & high.
              6.hardness rocks.

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