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              Fully refined paraffin wax


              Fully refined paraffin wax is mainly refined by Fushun, Daqing and Dalian subsidiary refineries of Petrochina and Sinopec. The crude oil is exploited from Shenbei and Daqing oilfield, which is characterized by high wax content and superior quality. Fully refined paraffin wax takes its characteristics as pure white color, low oil content, good stability, odorless, negative mechanical impurity and water, which complies with FDA standard. It is widely used for high quality candle making, food packaging, cosmetics producing, fruit fresh-keeping, rubber anti-aging and so on. The highly refined wax with little benzene and methylbenzene can meet European and American environmental standards.

              Fully refined paraffin wax is offered in liquid and solid forms, which are packaged in different ways:
              1.Liquid wax: in bulk ship and ISO tank
              2.Solid wax in slab and granular form 
              1)Kunlun brand: 25kg/50kg PP woven bags
              2)Neutral Packing: 25kg/50kg PP woven bags, 25kg/28kg cartons

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