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              Chairmans Address
              At the very moment the official website of Techsheen Liaoning Group is to be launched, I want to express, on behalf of all workers in the Group and in my own name, my heartfelt thanks to new and old customers at home and abroad, dealer friends all over the country and business partners! Also high regards shall be delivered to friends from all walks of life and fellow colleagues who have long cared and supported growth of Techsheen Group.

              The company’s development process of past 8 years witnessed all workers’ painstaking efforts in pioneering an enterprise, sharing of weal and woe and mutual help in distress. In the face of current financial crisis, our company will keep looking for development opportunities in adversity and stride forward larger and more powerful enterprise. In November of 2008, our company consolidated its subordinate four independent legal entities: Chemact Liaoning Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Techsheen Liaoning International Cooperation Co., Ltd, Guyang Techsheen Mining Co., Ltd. under Baotou Huiquan Rare Earth Industry Group and Jinding Liaoning Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., incorporated Techsheen Liaoning Group Co., Ltd. to form an industrial cluster that was rooted in deep processing of petrochemical products, iron ore mining and selection and project investment, covered multiple industries like energy, metallurgical machinery, textile, daily handicraft and labor service output and with annual output value of over RMB1 billion. By giving full play to the company’s capital advantage, managerial advantage, technical advantage and sales advantage, especially the talent advantage in foreign trade export and international cooperation, a solid foundation has been laid for further development of the Group.

              The heaven is about to place a great responsibility on a great man. We shall be soberly aware that currently the global financial crisis is not over and the existing difficulties are very austere. All workers in Techsheen Group will continue to carry forward their dauntless and aggressive spirit, keep firmly in mind its social responsibilities, keep adhering to corporate philosophy of "endless development" and "people-oriented" corporate culture, follow a new strategic thought and business philosophy aiming at improvement of the enterprise’s core competitiveness, revolutionize capital operation mode and market development strategy so that it can maintain its dominance in brutal market challenges, seize opportunities amid crisis and live through low tides of global economy to embrace a brilliant, splendid future with our good friends.

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