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              Strategic Development
              In the face of complex and diverse global economy, Techsheen Group will take its long-term perspective and get its accurate position to unswervingly take the road of diversified development, based on its basic management thinking of "The first priority shall be given to expansion and enhancement of traditional industries, take the initiative to foster and develop leading industries" and strategic positioning of "Industrial diversification, product specialization, service personalization, marketing internationalization, take the lead in the main industry".

              Based on the maintenance of a bigger, stronger and promising existing industrial field, Techsheen Group carries out the strategy of diversified development. With boundless horizon, long-term perspective and the potential for accumulating richly and breaking forth vastly, the Group has developed a triangle pattern of simultaneous development of "consolidating traditional industry, nurturing sunshine industry and improving business management".

              In the traditional energy resources and chemical industry, the Group has, through multiple measures like constant improvement of market share, horizontal and vertical extension of industrial chain, pan-international brand development strategy and flexible cooperative mode, maintained its leading position in the paraffin wax business of private enterprise, achieved continuous expansion of profit point and steady growth of fund flow and became the foundation of the Group’s diversified development.

              Meanwhile, the Group has established an expansive investment & cooperation mechanism, the direction of key investment, integrated the most extensive social resources, invested and developed sunshine industry. Since its successful investment in IoT(Internet of Things) cause, the Group has set out to invest and develop jointly such industries like nonferrous metal, automobile, aviation, health care, electricity and information in accordance with its medium and long-term strategic planning.

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