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              Corporate Philosophy
              Group vision: Keep transcending and strive for perfection in each field of the Group’s dedicated development; Create values in market competition; Contribute to society and experience success, set its mind to become one of the world’s excellent interdisciplinary product suppliers;

              Business mission: Maintain constant supply of high quality products to customers worldwide and serve industrial upgrade and economic development pushed by product application;

              Group mind: Ceaseless self-improvement; apply what one knows; A promise is worth a thousand ounces of gold; Complementary integration;

              Core value: Integrity win-win, make down-to-earth efforts and strive for perfection, sustainable innovation, pursue excellence;

              Management philosophy: Humanized management; normalized system; professional service; refined operation;

              Work belief: The work is accompanied with achievements; the achievements are accompanied with happiness; the happiness is accompanied with pleasure; the pleasure is accompanied with dignity.

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